My Storage Update and New Investments

Hi Everyone!

I’m super excited about this post. I don’t have a new card – sorry! But I have a reason for it! I’ve been buying new toys – which I refer to as investments (hehe). Spending is bad – but building my crafting collection is NEVER going to be a bad thing. So I want to show you want I’ve been up to this past week.

I kind of swoon over things I see that other crafters use – BAD. Then I think and ponder – weigh the pros and cons – think about whether or not I really NEED those things – for like….weeks and months…before I make the jump and actually buy things – BAD. I say it’s bad because I really waste a lot of energy and time thinking and pondering when I should go ahead and get it if it’s not a financial issue – for which I am truly very blessed to be able to say. Nonetheless – prior to paper crafting, I had never been much of a spender on myself. Having 3 boys young and working so hard for so many years have really made me selfless. BUT – I’m being totally selfish about crafting and I think that for once, I can say that I’ve earned it. We all deserve to be happy and do what makes us happy.

My husband gets giddy about wood work – which is fantastic because he gets his high from making me storage units. 🙂 He’s currently planning on building a pergola for our back yard and I have no doubt he will – but he’s also very busy with work so I will let you know about that when he’s done with his project. We’ve been busy for the past week planning new landscaping, fencing for our new home, planting new flowers and herbs. On top of all that – I have my own personal plans for my craftroom.

As many know, Stampin’ Up! had to discontinue their Blendabilities alcohol markers. I thought LONG and HARD about investing in Copic markers as an alternative product. But truly, I do not think they are equals. Blendabilities were unique in that they were SU colors – which I loved. And to be honest – I was afraid for a while to buy non-SU products because I felt like maybe I was betraying my duties as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. However, I have decided that I shouldn’t limit my creativity and have followed up on the rules of being an SU demonstrator – I simply cannot be paid by other companies monetarily to use their products – which I am not. So I’m ok to use and share my use of other products. That being said – I love Stampin’ Up! and am proud to be a demonstrator even if I don’t have many customers – I love their products and enjoy them for myself. I’m not doing this as a business so I’m perfectly content.

Copics are such a huge investment – but they are also a lifetime investment. After a few months of talking about them to my husband, I decided to take the plunge. I will talk more in depth about my purchase and how I came to my decision to purchase them on Wednesday or Thursday when I have my new storage unit filled with my awesome new markers. So here’s the first thing I want to share – my new Copics storage unit which I helped my husband make last night. It’s made using a wood frame and some egg crates from Home Depot. I’m so excited to fill it up and will post a new picture on my future post. Right now, I only have the 3 copic markers to the right of the unit and a bunch of Tim Holtz’s distress markers at the bottom of the unit.

Copic Storage

I had to open up my sewing table to make room for this unit – but I am grateful to have the option! I just have to keep Liam (my two year old) out of it when he starts to get curious.

Sewing Table Set Up

My craftroom has a conglomerate of different work surfaces from nightstands to dressers that are not being used – but I’m making it work with what we have right now. We don’t plan on staying here after my husband’s residency so this is all temporary right now.

Prior to today, I had my ink storage unit arranged by Color Category the way Stampin’ Up! categorizes their colors: Neutrals, Subtles, Regals, and Brights. This is how I had them arranged before:

Stampin Up Ink Holder

I rearranged it this morning to sort them by color family. The empty slot on the left is for a new “In Color” which I will get when the new catalog is active (June 2nd, 2015). The main reason why I did this was because I wanted all the non-SU ink pads to be on the far right column of this unit instead of in the spare spaces at the bottom of each color category as I had in the picture above. My OCD had to be re-routed.

Stamp Storage Rearranged

Also – I wanted to point out that I store these “other” ink pads upside down to preserve the ink quality. To make them easy to identify, I used my Dymo label maker to label each pad. Here’s a close up picture:

Other Inks

That’s all for storage right now!

One of the other things I’ve been pondering about is the MISTI (Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented). It truly is a valuable tool – even though I’ve been telling myself for months I can make due with acrylic blocks and rely on my hands to position and ink sentiments and stamps. If I’m pondering for so long – I should JUST GET IT – so I did. If you’re curious and have never heard of it – you can YouTube it. There are soooo many great videos on this tool. It was created by a fellow crafter who had frustrations and is still being manufactured on a smaller scale – so I’m also glad to support her. Visit if you’re interested in visiting her website. I’m sure I’ll be using this tool in the future on my videos as well. Disclaimer – I’m not being paid by anyone to endorse these products! I truly think they are fabulous and wanted to own them. I just noticed that it is on sale today – I’ve NEVER seen a sale on this before! Ugh…if only I had a waited a few days. Oh well….


Another purchase this week that I’m excited to get: Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers. I’m excited about this product because it includes very bright vibrant colors in brush form and is all the rage right now. Yes – I’m a sucker and a follower. I’m also really excited about these markers because I’m also working on my brush lettering skills. I do some calligraphy and have only used flat-tipped ink markers. So I’m happy to be able to try brush lettering with these.

My goodness…I’ve literally spent a fortune on ALL of the products mentioned in this post. I have to say, though, that I don’t regret any of it. They are all great things for a crafter like myself – and I’ve made the decision to keep moving forward and to not limit my creativity (where finance is not an issue, of course). I’ve been so blessed and am so grateful to be able to do all of this. Hopefully one day, when I’m not working 50 hours a week, I will be able to do more than I am able to do now.

To close, here are my pretty new succulents. They looked a little weathered and unattended to at Home Depot – but have really livened up overnight! I LOVE THEM!

IMG_0645IMG_0643I’m planning on making a card post very soon! Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

4 thoughts on “My Storage Update and New Investments

    1. Hi Gina! There are two layers of egg crates (purchased from home depot – one piece of egg crate can be cut into two pieces for your project). So count the # of rows and columns you want and add about 4 extra rows and columns to account for shim space (I didn’t do this before arranging my copics so it doesn’t match Sandy Allnock’s hex chart exactly). You want to trim these two egg crate pieces to match. Then build a box around these egg crates. To hold them in place, cut shims going all the way around each egg crate ( in front of and behind each egg crate – that’s 3 shims total between 2 egg crates). You can add backing however you want (mdf board is great). And that’s really it!


      1. Greetings. I’m going to try making one of these storage boxes. Instead of shims I’m going to buy picture frames – less pieces to measure 🙂

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