About Caly

I’m a wife and mother to 4 wonderful kids – 3 boys and 1 girl. I have an incredibly sweet and supportive husband who encourages me as I balance between family, work, and hobby.

I was introduced to Stampin’ Up! in June 2014 and the rest is history!  We had moved to a little town in Ohio at the time and knew no one, so I self-taught through You-Tube videos and found that there was a BIG world beyond Stampin’ Up!

We’ve moved “home” to the Kansas City area since.  It has been slow growth for me since I worked full-time for so long, but I’m ok with that.  I stopped working as a pharmacist in May 2019 and have dove full force into creating full time. I’ve learned so much about the paper crafting world and feel that I am constantly learning and growing.

Please contact me if you would like to share comments/questions/concerns! craftincaly@gmail.com

Fall 2019 – photo by Bethany Wears (my crazy talented photographer sister-in-law)

All supplies and items used are linked and coded myself – if you find an error, please let me know.  I spend a lot of time doing this and would love for the information provided to be accurate.

[Today, December 16th, 2014, I’ve made my first baby steps to living a new dream – a corner of my happiness. I’ve created this blog and a crafty email address just for myself to store my ideas and share my craft ideas with everyone.]

41 thoughts on “About Caly

  1. Hi! I just love your blog and cards, and blog altogether. I’m in the process of redoing my own crafty blog I really like the layout of yours. Do you mind sharing wish theme you have used?

    Love Meo

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  2. Thank you for you time and giving spirit. Please i would like to follow you cant find your blog. Commented in the Altenew blig today.


  3. Dear Caly
    Wow I love your family. Tell thank you to your beloved husband for supporting you on behalf of me. Your children are adorable.
    I am from Sri Lanka a journalist by profession a mum and a grand ma to a lovely girl of six years. I work part time that means i hv to be at my job always as i hv to earn to support my daughter and grand daughter who are studying in NZ. My daughter works part time as a chef too. It is the last lap of the race I hv to run. My daughter will finish her studies end of this year. My grand daughter is on a domestic visa.
    Though I earn I have to be very careful spending the money. I sacrifice everything for them happily. My husband died of a liver cancer in 2016 and my daughter who is turning 29 with a girl of 6+ is divorced. I live with them and then cm back to Sri Lanka when my visa expires.
    This year i will hv to be in Sri Lanka unless a miracle happens.
    My first love is crafting but it has taken a back stage due to my other commitments. I am also learning Korean and to play the guitar. (baby Steps)
    The first thing i do in the morning is get up at 4 am wash and pray for everybody to be healthy and happy including you. From today I will be praying for your lovely family too. I want everybody in this world to be happy and healthy.
    Thank you for making me happy my dear friend. I am going to sit one day and go through all your posts one by one as i really honestly love what you create amidst your super busy schedule. You add your love to them.
    Love you and your family loads
    Hugs from Sri Lanka.

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    1. Thank you for sharing all this with me and for your continued prayers and good though, Surekha. I really appreciate it! Sounds like inbred to update the info I provided above and share a more recent photo!


      1. hank u for taking time off your super busy schedule t to go through youto appreciate what i wrote. I am waiting to fin sm time to go thro all your posts. Thinking of it makes me so happy. May you and your family be blessed with gd health and happiness always.tc stay blessed. Love and hugs from Sri Lanka

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  4. Hi Caly!

    Have you ever had one of those days when you go down a rabbit hole? This morning was one of those days for me. I’m getting over a nasty cold and was sitting up in bed having a hot beverage and reading posts from The Greetery when I saw your lovely “Bountiful Wreath” post which lead me to your blog. First, what a lovely blog AND family! Full time job, family and a full plate of design responsibilities – you’re a busy gal! Second, your work on the bountiful wreath is beautiful and I love the technique. I was especially amazed to see how well the tea dye and aged mahogany inks blended without overpowering the colors in the wreath – beautiful! I also noticed you are a Dirty Dozen Alumni from 2106 – yay! I’m an Alumni from 2014 (paperpunchscissors) is my SCS name. Do you find yourself posting less on SCS or do you still try to get pieces up now and then? I seem to post in fits and spurts. Our time at Hello Bluebird seems to track a little as well. I noticed you were there from April 2018 – January 2019 I began April of 2019 – present. We just missed each other (she smiles). Well, it’s been a lovely morning to relax and savor the art of others but I need to get up and make myself do something *laughing* Your card design and art is lovely and I enjoy seeing it on social media.

    Hugs, Susie Lessard ~


    1. Hi, Susie! Welcome to my blog!! So glad you found my blog post on The Greetery and found me. I feel that every day, I go down a rabbit hole. I have clear intentions to be productive, I have a plan, and life happens with children and a puppy. I stopped posting in SCS last December. As sad as it sounds, there is no time to stay on top of all the social media platforms. You are a wonderful addition to Hello Bluebird! We did miss each other, but I had to step down from being coordinator and DT member to make time to focus on family and other teams. Thanks for your sweet comments and for reaching out! Have fun with your daily plans! ❤


  5. Oh my Caly what a beautiful Family, awe you’re so blessed!
    You got out of the pharmacy just in time I’d say! 😁👍Love you work, amazing cards, I could learn from you.

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  6. Hi Caly,
    Love seeing what you create, here and on other platforms! You are so talented and creative! Thank you for sharing your work, I learn so much and get inspired! You certainly have a wonderful husband who supports your passion and crazy love of crafting, he’s a keeper! You have a beautiful family Caly, your kids are just darling!
    Love that you come from a science background, from one science nerd to another, it’s funny how different our professions are from our passion, life is all about balance!
    Have a beautiful day friend! Tell your hubby and kids hello for me!

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