Anniversary Cards

My sister in law, Bethany and her husband are some pretty special people. They’re our best friends. We don’t talk on a regular basis, but the jokes are endless and the laughter never ends even when we’re talking about serious business. Bethany is an amazingly talented photographer. Ya’ll should check out her website! She’s taken many of our family photos and does superb work! If you live in the Kansas City area, you should really check her out. Heck, if you’re not in the KC area and still want to use her, contact her because she’ll travel too! She’s THAT amazing.

Here’s her website:

So for their anniversary, I cased this card from Pinterest and can find the original here.

I used standard craft paper cardstock. I didn’t have the heart punch or die, so I had to fold my paper a little to cut it out. You can see the lines when I tried distressing the paper with some sponged brown ink. After I did that, I waited a long hard week for my Woodgrain Embossing Folder to come in from Stampin’ Up. Then I ran the card through my sewing machine to give the border and added a button and some hemp rope for the embellishment which says “love” on it.

The whole family took turns writing this card and and it was just very special for them. So special, in fact, I sent the card to them 5 weeks early because I was so excited. LOL.

Woodgrain EmbossingWoodgrain Embossing 1

Another Anniversary card I made, was using the Owl Builder Punch. This punch is soooo much fun – and you can make sooo many cards/characters using it. It’s a little tedious since there are so many little pieces to glue together, but it’s super cute when it’s done.

I made this for a friend in California I have not seen in YEARS. But she saw another owl card I made and asked me to make an anniversary card for her husband who loves owls and I just couldn’t say no. I also gave this card to my husband this year for our 10th anniversary. It’s always easier to make 2 cards than it does to make one since you already have all the tools out!

This card was also cased from Pinterest and you can find the original here. I’m pretty sure everything is in German but if you have a creative mind, you can create your own cards just by copying the image!

Owl Builder 1

Owl Builder

Hope you enjoyed this post!

2 thoughts on “Anniversary Cards

  1. Aw, tear 🙂 such sweet words! And thanks for the business plug ha! I LOVE that card. It’s pinned to the cork board in my office so I see it everyday 🙂 I’m so excited about this blog! This is the first post I’ve read, now onto the others!


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