The Beginning

My interest in stamping started about this time one year ago. For my birthday in March, I got a few things to add to my very small collection. My next door neighbor had given me a Paper Pumpkin Kit and I really didn’t know too much about it. Click on the link to find out more. Paper Pumpkin Kits are monthly kits that you pay for that come with projects with all the materials (stamps, ink, paper, embellishments, etc.) to complete your project in a convenient little orange box. If you’re someone who loves crafts but you don’t have the time or money to invest in a collection like mine, I recommend the Paper Pumpkin Kit because you can order the kits whenever you want and it’s enough to satiate your thirst for crafting when you feel the itch. Let me know if you’re interested! You can actually sign up to place your own subscriptions, but please log me as your Stampin’ Up demonstrator! I’d really appreciate it!

I went on a tangent with that, but what I was getting to was that in the midst of planning a move, filling boxes while trying to take care of kids, I needed a break and decided to go to a stamping party that she was hosting at a friend’s house. Karen was a previous Stampin’ Up demonstrator for years and has a craft room of her own. She has a closet full of stamps and I was blown away when I saw everything she had. Realizing my interest in it right away, Karen generously started giving me supplies that she had excess of, including a few inks and paper. This only jump-started me into building my collection because I wanted it all. I can’t have just a few things. I’m all in or I can’t be happy. Even as I sit here, having purchased all that I have, I still want more. It’s kind of a sick addiction.

At this stamping party, I made my first cards. It came so easily to me and made so much sense – I couldn’t get enough. Here are two that I made that night:

Cherry Blossom Layered Frey

I think the theme of the night here was fringe scissors – which I ordered that night. Haha.

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