A Lace and Gold Bridal Shower

This May, I’m going back to Kansas City to be a Matron of Honor for my friend, Jessica. Things have been a little crazy with work and the overtime doesn’t seem like it going to end anytime soon. With a freeze on time off, I’m not able to attend her shower or bachelorette party in March. So as a contribution, I volunteered to make her shower invitations. Jessica’s dress is going to be pink and the bridal party’s dresses are going to be gold. So to tie the two together, I decided to make a lacey, blushing bride/gold invitation for her.

While I waited for the location, I drafted up the template on Microsoft word and cut my card stock. The Blushing Bride card stock color is perfect. I used a standard 8.5×11 piece and cut it into 4 equal parts. Then I used the I Love Lace background stamp and stamped each base using Blushing Bride ink.

bridal shower

Then I stamped my signature on the back of these bases.

bridal shower 4

Once I got confirmation of the location, I printed the invitations on some 60lb Shimmer Paper made by Recollections that I purchased from Michaels. Let me just say…my printer hates you, Shimmer Paper. You may be pretty, but you’re annoying. Very careful, I ran each invitation (44 to be exact) through my BigKick and cut out each invitation using my Top Note Bigz Die. That wasn’t exactly fun either…but oh my…I LOVE how it cuts. You can’t see it too well, but there is stitching all the way around each piece cut by the die.

I took some gold Encore Metallic ink and antiqued the sides of each invite with gold to give it some more dimension.

bridal shower 3

You can see the gold and “shimmer” of the paper as well as the stitching I mentioned better in this picture:

bridal shower 2 blur

Once this was done, I put the invite on the card base and decided I wasn’t happy. It needed more (because it’s never enough). So I grabbed a pretty border punch and punched each card base just on the sides.  It was worth it!

bridal shower 1

I waited until the invites were received to post this because I didn’t want to spoil it for the bride. Jessica got the extra copies in the mail today and says that she LOVES them so I’m happy and fulfilled in every way with this project. I’ve been working in my 5 inch heals for her wedding to break them in and hemmed my dress today. So to get news that she loves these invites really makes me great about investing the time I did into these shower invitations.

Here’s the final card:

bridal shower 5

This invitation is for display only – if you do not receive a hard copy, you are not invited – please do not crash the party! LOL!

Hope you all enjoyed this!

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