Stampin’ Up!’s December 2015 Paper Pumpkin Kit

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been too impressed with the Paper Pumpkin Kits lately. In fact, this is the first one I haven’t sold in months – and I’ve also decided it’s my last. I’ve had lots of shipping issues with just the Paper Pumpkin Kit and have been turning around and selling them because I just don’t want to make cards I may not like or use. It’s definitely great for those who don’t have a lot of time to craft and want everything they need to come in a kit. The convenience is great! But I find that I’m happier when I get to create my own creations.

That being said – I really like this month’s kit! It’s a calendar kit and comes with a stand.  It’s something I know I’ll use all the time. Not one calendar card is the same and it’s an all or nothing concept – you either keep the entire thing, or give the entire finished product away as a gift.

December 2015 Paper Pumpkin

I spent a good hour putting it all together…and a little longer stamping personal dates.  All the stamps are included and I love the font of the monthly stamps.

December 2015 Paper Pumpkin 3

December 2015 Paper Pumpkin 2

You can personalize this with any of the stamps included in this set – I used some colors that didn’t come with this set (Soft Suede is what’s included) to differentiate the different dates.

December 2015 Paper Pumpkin 1

Stampin’ Up!’s video is great, but is entirely music. So if you’d like to watch my version of the process and hear what’s going on (I apologize in advance, I feel like pregnancy is making my voice more raspy and it’s more difficult to catch my breath), here it is:

I rushed through that video and it still took me almost 2 hours to edit and post – I hope people realize how much work goes into it!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! YIKES!  Merry Christmas, Everyone! I wish you all a joyful holiday with your family and friends. Thanks for visiting and following this very last minute impromptu blogpost – I really didn’t plan on making a video or posting this at all! My husband has been working nights this week so it’s driving me crazy to watch the kids only and not do anything for myself – they’ve been neglected tonight (sort of)! I’m also working some overtime so my brain is almost dead. Only one more day to go!

To order your own paper pumpkin kit, visit and sign up. It’s simple!




6 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up!’s December 2015 Paper Pumpkin Kit

  1. Oh, Caly, what a great Paper Pumpkin Kit this month! I love how you’ve made them and always love your videos and hearing your sweet voice! What a lovely set of calendars to have on your desk, and what beautiful designs too! I wish you and your lovely (and growing) family a blessed and joyous Christmas! Hugs!

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