Exciting News!

Hi, Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I wanted to update you all.

Last week was INSANE! The Lunar New Year fell on the same week as many school activities (Career Day and Spring pictures) and Valentine’s Day. Between that and taking care of sick kids, I’ve been exhausted! I’ve got tons of pictures to prove it!

My nephew, Dexter, turned 2. Here’s a quick snap of the card I made him. I literally spent 5 minutes on this card, so it’s definitely nothing to OoO and Aww over…lol:


On Monday night, word got out that Tuesday was Career Day and the kids were supposed to get dressed up.  WHAT?! My kids of course, automatically assume they’d have something to wear or that I’d whip something up for them – OH, the expectations!!! So I got on pinterest and found an idea to make labcoats for kids out of white tshirts. I cut up 3 of my husband’s white tshirts to make these labcoats for my crazy boys who wanted to be MAD Scientists:


THANKS, Pinterest! We did their hair all crazy and put some workshop glasses on them and off they went!


Meanwhile, my youngest fell ill and wasn’t eating. Poor little guy broke my heart! I sent my older boys to school on Wednesday for Spring Pictures and was asked by my sister to bake 29 cupcakes for my oldest nephew’s birthday for the following evening. *Sigh….I have trouble saying NO. If he’s getting cupcakes, there’s no way I was making time for a card too. I made some vanilla/almond cupcakes with vanilla/almond buttercream hoping it was palatable for some of my family members (they still complained it was too sweet – but…IT IS WHAT IT IS!)


Friday was the big day at school for my boys so I sent them with this spread:


I’m so glad I had all this ready the week before. We made cards for their teachers at a Stampin’ Up! club I went to and made the V-Day cards a few weeks ago. The jars were put together using some tags, ribbons and treats for the teachers.

How else might I keep busy you ask?? Well….LOL…I’ve been making goodies for my little girl. I’ve been nesting…BIG TIME. So ready for her to be here. Since I wasn’t making cards, I was busy crafting for her nursery. I made her a mobile, some wall decor, and a bow/headband holder:


The letters were purchased white. I used Mod Podge to do some paper transfer (which I distressed first with distress ink).  Then I just embellished the letters with flowers and some natural twine.


This bow/headband holder was a bigger project than I thought! I purchased an open frame already painted/distressed. To create the backing, I used some fabric that I lined with quilt batting. I taped it down on the back and once I had all the ribbon held in place, I actually sewed those buttons on (through the cardboard backing) to make sure they didn’t move. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do. The hardest part was screwing each of those hooks onto the bottom of the frame. I went CRAZY on Amazon and purchased a lot of headbands so I knew I needed a lot of hooks!


The ribbon banner at the bottom of her name are lengths of various ribbon tied onto some thick natural twine and pinned to the wall. Nothing too exciting. Her mobile is made from various sizes and colors of cardstock and sewed together. I also added some gems to the bottom of each string for weight.  The blanket hanging over her crib is also one I knitted.

By the way…all the furniture you see here is from IKEA. I have a love/hate relationship with that store (hehe).

I’ve also been crocheting a lot! I made turban hats and little loafer shoes for Lyla and her soon to be cousin, Faye (my sister-in-law is pregnant and due in May!)

Last but not least and my most recent handmade project: I made some flowers to for Lyla’s hair. Thanks again, Pinterest.


What possesses me to do all this, you ask? I honestly can’t sit still. And because my husband has been working long days and usually isn’t home in the evenings – I stay preoccupied when I’ve finished taking care of dinner for my boys.

So my title for this post is EXCITING NEWS! Which I’ve saved for last because it’s so awesome! Lydia from Splitcoaststampers (SCS) reached out to me about a month ago and asked me to become a Dirty Dozen design team member! It’s a 6 month term. While it has seemed like I haven’t made any cards here – I’ve made 6 cards for SCS which I can’t share here. If you want to see them – you’ll have to sign up for splitcoaststampers to view my gallery there. I’ll be able to share once my 6 month term is over.  It’s a great stamping community where you meet inspired crafters like yourself! I was so honored to be asked to be a design team member, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity despite all the other crazy things going on in my life. I will still try to post personal projects here once a week but I am committed to make/design at least 6 themed cards for SCS monthly for the next 6 months. I’m so excited! Today was the big reveal so I’m excited to share this great news with you all.

I’m feeling so blessed by the encouragement there and the support here on my blog – I just want to thank everyone for following me and helping me grow as a crafter/blogger/cardmaker! I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.

Have a wonderful evening!




6 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Oh my, Caly! So much exciting news and then – WOW! Congratulations again for being on the Dirty Dozen Design Team at Splitcoaststampers! You will have a blast and delight us all! And, wow, you have so much else going on that I don’t know how you do it and work! But you are such a delight and full of life and will be a wonderful mom to a sweet little girl who will love her room. I love the beautiful things you’ve made and am impressed with your crocheting. I’ve done lots in the past, and it is fun and addictive – LOL! Hugs, sweet friend, and enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW!! Congrats on being chosen for the SCS Team! I so enjoy their posts of teaching, sharing and encouraging and I hope you will enjoy being on “the other side”! You have been so busy and have so much talent to share with your family. We’ll be patient with your blog and will look forward to seeing you at SCS!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Caly, is there anything you CAN’T do? I love reading about and watching your beautiful family grow. I can’t wait to see all of the things you will be making for baby girl!!

    Liked by 1 person

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