Hi, Friends!!

I am going through some big changes with crafting and have lots of lightly used (and some unused) items that need a new home! I’ve done a MAJOR clean out and there are so many great stamps and dies from well-loved companies that I know you will love.


The destash boxes/packages are valued at over $200 that I’m selling for $100 + shipping (2-3 day Priority shipping seems to be the best option and is $12.80 via PayPal). If you’d like $200 boxes (with $400 worth of product), please let me know in your email (shipping will be the same).

  • Everything is labeled and either stored in its original packaging, storage pocket, or zip-enclosed bag. 
  • Coordinating dies are stored with their stamps
  • Magnets are not included due to weight (but dies are bagged and with their stamp sets, if applicable).

To buy, simply email me at and I’ll send you an invoice and you can pay through PayPal.  Please provide the following:

  • your PayPal email address
  • your shipping address so I can validate with what’s on the PayPal shipping label
  • Tell me what you like (critters, florals, layered stamps, stencils, background stamps, stand alone dies, etc.)! I create each box as they are sold and I try to send you things you’re interested in receiving. This takes more time for me to do but I want to make sure you love the contents!

I’m sorry, but destash packages/boxes are for United States residents only.  As I get more comfortable, I may open it up to international folks in a future (I hope you understand!). 

I hope you’ll enjoy the goodies from many of the companies I love.  If you have specific questions, I’m happy to answer them – I just don’t want to disclose information here to single out any specific company whether it be positive or negative.  I love the companies I purchase from and am sad to let go of the goodies, but I have to make room for more. 

Thanks for considering!

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