Storing Dies

I’ve made quite an investment in die sets – they’re metal cutters that you run through a die cut machine to cut your desired image. If you’re not a card maker or papercrafter – you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s OK! I learned very quickly early on that there are many options in the ways of cutting paper from scissors to punches and dies (and lots of different types of dies – dies that cut, dies that emboss, dies that cut and emboss…are you dizzy yet?). I can’t tell how many times I’ve gotten overwhelmed by building this collection – often wondering what I’ve gotten myself into and asking do I want to keep going with this? There are hundreds of stamps, hundreds of dies, hundreds of inks and markers and more options for adhesives than I ever knew existed. Because I love doing it so much and because it is the only thing I can justify spending my spare time on, the answer is 100% positively, undoubtedly, YES.

Everything comes in a small packages for stamping/papercrafting. Just about every kit comes taped on paper and wrapped in plastic! My OCD at first told me to keep everything as the come – in the original package. Of course, this comes with disadvantages – you have to pull everything out every time you want to do something! So, I decided I had to stop that – I needed to find another way to organize all my dies. Stamp-n-Storage makes storage products for stamping products!!! Once upon a time, there was a woman who loved to stamp and her husband, who loved her very much, built storage cabinets for all her inks and tools (sounds a bit like my husband and I…hehe) – true story. It is seriously how Stamp-n-Storage came to be. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my ink/marker storage unit is one we built from inspiration off one of Stamp-n-Storage’s units. I had a point to this story – really!

Like so many other times, I wondered if I could buy magnet sheets to hold my dies. But I realized that would be too flimsy and I would have to have a backing to make them more sturdy. To avoid all that work, I caved and purchased Magnet cards from Stamp-n-Storage as a Christmas gift to myself – BIG SMILES.  I anxiously waited for them to come in the mail and as I waited, I also made labels for all the dies I had and their coordinating stamp sets, vice versa.  Here’s what I mean:

This Holiday Home Stamp Set comes with 3 matching dies that cuts out the homes for you (I seriously debated getting these dies…because it’s not hard to cut out a house! But of course…it was a deal and I had to get them!). My OCD has been re-routed! I put my dies on this Magnet card and it just holds it in place with no fuss (much better than how they came stuck to paper with very strong tape).

IMG_0070 W

Here’s the inside of the stamp case. I put a label in there to remind myself that I have coordinating dies for my stamp set.

IMG_0069 W

I LOVE it!!! I have all my magnet cards sitting in an open box that I cut from a used cardboard box wrapped with heavy duty wrapping paper. It’s easy to access – I just flip through it and get what I need. My embossing folders also fit well in this box in front of my dies.

If you don’t want to go through all this trouble – invest in an electric cutter instead! You don’t have to buy all these die sets and with an electric cutter – you can cut any shape in any size using your computer! I’m already in too deep with these dies, so it’s not an option I’d consider at this point. I hope this is helpful for those of you who are considering what’s best for you.

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