Organization – Sequins, Jewels, Seed Beads and Tiny Trinkets

Hi, Friends! I have something different to share with you today – with lots of photos! Have you been pondering about your current storage system for sequins, jewels, etc., and hesitate to switch for whatever reason? For a long time, I’ve made justifications like: “I’ve invested so much into this current system! What will I … More Organization – Sequins, Jewels, Seed Beads and Tiny Trinkets

Storing Dies

I’ve made quite an investment in die sets – they’re metal cutters that you run through a die cut machine to cut your desired image. If you’re not a card maker or papercrafter – you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s OK! I learned very quickly early on that there are¬†many¬†options in … More Storing Dies

My Craft Room

I’ve never had a designated craft area before. In our last house, Stephen and I shared an office even though he was only home during the weekends. It was my occupational work space and that was the only purpose the room served. Since moving to our new house, I’ve claimed a room for work and … More My Craft Room