Organization – Sequins, Jewels, Seed Beads and Tiny Trinkets

Hi, Friends! I have something different to share with you today – with lots of photos!

Have you been pondering about your current storage system for sequins, jewels, etc., and hesitate to switch for whatever reason? For a long time, I’ve made justifications like: “I’ve invested so much into this current system! What will I do with these containers if I switch? It’s working, so I should be ok with it.” BUT…does it SPARK JOY? LOL…. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I hope this post will give you some insight to why I changed and maybe give you the extra push you need to switch to a system that works for you.  I recently did a post for Pretty Pink Posh sharing this new set up, but I’m sharing some additional info here that is unrelated to Pretty Pink Posh also. 

I know this system isn’t new for a lot of people, but it’s new to me and it’s exciting and so rewarding to complete.  Previously, I was storing my sequins and jewels in the Craftmates Lockables XL 14 compartment units.  While this is a beautiful system to store my sequins and jewels, I found adding new supplies difficult because I couldn’t easily rearrange the colors (because I love all things in rainbow order). 

The Darice Bead Tray is sold 3 ways that are helpful for cardmakers – 82 piece (tray and lid with 78 “tiny” containers), 45 piece (tray and lid with 42 various sizes of containers), 2 piece tray and lid.  I bought an empty tray to customize my own based on need and here’s a picture of what it looks like with the different sizes side by side for you. 

A lot of people like the consistency of having tiny containers throughout the unit and almost all Pretty Pink Posh sequins and jewels fit into the tiny containers for me.  Each size of container comes in a package that will fill one row of the bead tray – so you can customize it exactly how you like and don’t have to worry about extra containers if you buy 6 packages in the sizes that you prefer.

I went ahead and used the next size up if a bag of sequins/jewels filled more than a tiny container, but you could also spread it across two tiny containers.

I love that with the new system, the containers are removable and you can rearrange at any time.  I couldn’t do that with my previous system.  These kits come with labels, but I used my Brother label machine to make labels and instead of putting them on the top where I think they’re intended to go, I decided to put them on the back (I’m a rebel like that). 

I can’t stress enough how being able to move things around makes me so happy.  There are always new colors and mixes to add to the ever-growing stash/collection so this system makes me really happy!

I sometimes use sequins or jewels as props – so this is also nice to be able to pull them out, use what I need, then put them away without disturbing a bigger storage unit full of other items.

I love my stash of sequins, jewels, beads, etc., and am really pleased with this new organization set up.  I used the larger containers for things like jingle bells, buttons, brads, and other small prop objects.  I think I may need to invest in ONE more tray for additional supplies of other small objects. 🙂

I hope you found this information helpful!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Darice Bead Storage Trays
Darice Bead Storage Trays
Darice Bead Storage Empty Containers
Darice Bead Storage Empty Containers
Craftmates 2XL Lockables 14 Comp
Craftmates 2XL Lockables 14 Comp
Brother P-Touch Label Maker
Brother P-Touch Label Maker
Label Refill 1/4 inch - White
Label Refill 1/4 inch – White

5 thoughts on “Organization – Sequins, Jewels, Seed Beads and Tiny Trinkets

  1. Dear Caly
    wow what a beautiful and practical storage unit. I will add this to my wish list. tc stay blessed alwasy. love and hugs from Sri lanka

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  2. I read your PPP post a few weeks ago and started ordering the containers then lol. I haven’t yet ordered the tray but will be getting to that asap. I have so many jewels, beads, sequins, etc I may need 3 or 4 trays lol, thanks for bringing this to our itty bitty parts loving souls attention 🙂

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