Faceted Box

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been itching for the past couple of days to make something, but I’m caught up on birthdays at the moment. So I decided I would make something new to me today. I follow Sam Donald, a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator in the UK, on YouTube. She is very created and shared her version of a faceted box that she created using a box of Ghirardelli chocolates. The original tutorial and video can be found here. I’ve been wanting to make it, but she uses a 12 x 12 piece of card stock which I do not have any of plain that I can stamp on. So today, while re-watching her video over lunch, I decided to re-scale her instructions for those crafters who prefer using the more common 8.5×11 card stock. I made up templates and I hope it’s helpful for everyone who wants to make it.

Here’s the completed box:

Faceted Box 2

I told my husband when he got home that I made a box today. He looked at me with bizarre curiosity and asked “like a 4-sided box?” I wouldn’t post just ANY box – it has to be something unique! This one is definitely unique – the top and bottom are squares but the sides are triangles all around.

Start with a piece of card stock that is 7 3/8″ x 10 3/8″ – yes…sorry…these measurements are a bit unconventional – but it’s what worked! Stamp it to your heart’s content – I just used flourishes like Sam did in her video using Cherry Cobbler ink.

Faceted Box 1

Next, you have to do lots of scoring. Place your paper on a scoring tool vertically (with a short end resting at the top of your scoring tool). Score at 2 1/4″, 4 3/8″, and 6 5/8″.

Turn the paper counter clockwise so that your last scoreline is now at the top of your scoring tool. Score from the top of the page, stopping at the second line at 2 1/4″, 4 1/2″, 6 3/4″ and 9″. My image below shows the last 3 scores between the first and second horizontal lines – but it doesn’t matter (these get cut off and discarded anyway).

Rotate 180 degrees and score until you reach the first line at 1/4″, 2 1/2″, 4 3/4″, 7″ and 9 1/4″.

Now, you’ll have to score your triangle centers on flat surface (put a few scrapes of paper down or something to give it a little cushion). Using a ruler, score from one line to the opposite line to make diagonal lines that make up the triangles in your box.

Here is a picture that I created to show what your paper will look like once all your score marks are created (note: click on the image for a larger view):

Faceted Box Top Scored View - Watermark

This is a picture of what the back looks like when you’re done scoring. I’ve penciled the areas that need to be cut and removed for the box.

Faceted Box 6

You’ll want to cut the vertical folds at the bottom too. Be sure to cut a little bit of the sides of each flap for ease of closure later when assembling. Here it is after cutting:

Faceted Box 5

Here is a nice diagram that I created to give you all the score instructions in order and how your card stock will look after all the cuts are made:

Faceted Box Top Full View - Watermark

To assemble, fold the horizontal lines first, then the diagonal ones:

Faceted Box 3

Next, I used a Petite Petal Punch and punched a flower. Then I sponged the edges with the same Cherry Cobbler ink and used a paper-piercing tool to pierce a hole on the lid of the box and in the flower. With a brad, I secured this flower onto the lid.

Faceted Box 4

Now you can secure the ends of the triangle body together using adhesive. I used fast fuse – super strength double sided tape. Then adhere the bottom flaps and you’re done!

Faceted Box

I know the instructions are a bit much and there are lots of scoring involved – but it really was easy to make. It took me a while to rescale the original instructions – but I’m really glad I did! I think I’ll make Sam’s version tomorrow – and maybe some taller versions that other crafters have created. This box is just too fun! If you try this, please let me know if you run into any issues! I may have written down the wrong measurements – it’s definitely possible! Have fun with it!

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