Macrame Wall Hanging Kits

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I have a different project to share with you today that’s not cards! I love being able to give myself projects to do. Did you know that Simon Says Stamp sells macrame wall-hanging kits? There are lots of different kits with many designs to choose from and the instructions are easy to follow!

I purchased two kits to try and am thrilled with how they turned out. I see these a lot in Home Goods and other stores and have always admired them. I know you can purchase – but the joy of being able to make it yourself is fun!

I started with the smaller Three Triangles Macrame Wall Hanging Kit to make sure I could get a hang of it and I was surprised by how easy the knots were to learn. It went quickly once I got all the rope cut to the specified size.

Once I knew I could complete a smaller one, I started the large Dual Spirals Macrame Wall Hanging Kit. Fair warning – they require GREAT lengths of rope – which is all included in the kit, but you’ll need a place to hang it so you can work on it.

I hope this inspires you to give it a try! All you’ll need is a pair of sharp scissors to cut the rope and a tape measure to measure the different lengths! I promise, you can do it! Thanks so much for visiting today!

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 SO Dual Spirals Macrame Wall Hanging Kit
SO Dual Spirals
Macrame Wall Hanging Kit
SO Three Triangles Macrame Wall Hanging Kit
SO Three Triangles
Macrame Wall Hanging Kit
Fiskars Titanium No5 Micro Tip Scissors
Fiskars Titanium No5
Micro Tip Scissors

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8 thoughts on “Macrame Wall Hanging Kits

  1. Macrame was very popular when I was a kid. Mom had a couple of Macrame plant hangers. I think all trends come back around every few years. Lovely wall hangings!

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  2. Your projects came out beautifully! I’m glad macrame has made it back around the trend circles. In the late 70s/early 80s I picked up a craft book and supplies and made a giant wall-sized jute and wooden bead hanging for my first apartment. My hands and fingers had rope burn for weeks. I never bought jute twine again but went on to make several owl hanging planters with acrylic cord. Then I made a natural oatmeal cord purse with wooden circle handles which I carried for several years—it got tons of compliments. Then I made a red tiny-cord clutch purse for my BFF (micro-macrame) and she carried it to our Disco clubs with her red suede Candies, Clay, thx for your fun project as this was a fun walk down memory lane!

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