Crafty Destash Sale and Personal Update!

Hi, Friends!!

I’ve been telling myself I need to destash my crafting supplies for over year a now.  It’s so hard when I’ve never done it before and most of the things I need to pass on have only been used once or never at all.  I hope they will go to loving homes and to crafters who use and adore them!  Warning…long personal story ahead.  Skip to the end if you’re interested in the destash info only :).

If you don’t already know, I moved about 5 weeks ago.  And prior to that, my mom was in and out of the ICU, had a stem cell transplant, and it took her twice as long to be released from the hospital.  She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma last September. When she was released, she came to live with me because I worked from home and was able to keep an eye on her.  She couldn’t bear weight without falling and couldn’t feed herself.  A week later (two weeks before my big move), she experienced acute kidney injury and landed in the ER and ICU again – a big part of me feels like I didn’t adequately care for her even though I know it’s not my fault.  Anyway – we moved and when she was released, she decided to go home to live with my brother.  She was strong enough to be alone and probably didn’t want to burden me amidst my move…but I felt bad and maybe a little sense of relief.

We have been told for a few months now, that our address is not serviceable by any internet provider.  We kept keeping hope that one would become available before or quickly after our move…but it didn’t set in until my request to transfer addresses with my work fell through because of it.  Still, with weeks before my move and knowing I could use a personal service for work, I thought it would work out.  I never was able to pick up my job again.  I took vacation time for 1 week after my move and we had it all planned out for me to return, but still no service of any kind.  I requested for an unpaid leave of absence – never got approved and I realized I couldn’t leave my job hanging. 

My husband and I have talked of me stop working – but not for another 10 years or so and not under these circumstances.  In July, I would’ve worked for my company 10 years – so it’s a little painful to leave such a big part of you in the past so suddenly.  I have to admit, I have been feeling like I’ve lost a big part of myself…a huge sense of worth has dissipated suddenly.  I’m grateful that I’ve been so busy with the move, organizing and destashing that it has taken up all my brain power to not dwell on something I can’t control. 

So we are still without internet.  One company wanted $8000 to bury an internet line…in October (yes, 5 months from now) and others have put us on a waiting list with no timeline as to when it could be).  We could get satellite internet but opted for getting a third phone line to use as a hotspot.  We’re making it work, but the speeds are not adequate for work.  So a new season in life has begun. 

We’ve been dealing with a lot of bad weather, which has brought out the worst in moving experiences (sod slipping into the street, terrible erosion issues that we’re continually seeing and trying to fix). So the stresses continue and hopefully subside with time. I know not working will change how I use my time once the kids are out of school tomorrow.  I’m hoping to start doing YouTube videos again – so that’s good news!  Give me some time…fear of the unknown holds me back as I expressed above.  It’s been 3 years since I’ve done a video I’ve had to edit and do a voice-over on and frankly, it scares the crud out of me.  All the programs (and my computer) has changed so it’s a lot to learn.  I’m also hoping to craft more for fun – do challenges that I’ve never had time to participate in.  So anyway, thanks for listening to (*reading*) my story….let’s talk about destash!!!!    


I have 21 (my favorite number so it must be meant to be!) boxes/packages valued at over $200 that I’m selling for $100 + shipping (3-day Priority shipping seems to be the best option and is $12.80 via PayPal or I can ship by weight and size and is about $7 – I will let you know the total before you pay). 

  • Everything is labeled and either stored in its original packaging, storage pocket, or zip-enclosed bag. 
  • Coordinating dies are stored with their stamps
  • Magnets are not included due to weight (but dies are bagged and with their stamp sets, if applicable).

To buy, simply email me at and I’ll send you an invoice and you can pay through PayPal.  Please provide the following:

  • your PayPal email address
  • your shipping address so I can calculate the shipping
  • specify if you prefer a flat rate box or ship by weight (I’ll choose flat rate box if it’s cheaper).

I’m sorry, but destash packages/boxes are for United States residents only.  As I get more comfortable, I may open it up to international folks in a future (I hope you understand!). 

I hope you’ll enjoy the goodies from many of the companies I love.  If you have specific questions, I’m happy to answer them – I just don’t want to disclose information here to single out any specific company whether it be positive or negative.  I love the companies I purchase from and am sad to let go of the goodies, but I have to make room for more. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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Leaving you with a picture of my new craftspace:

I made a letterboard sign…it reads: Money can’t buy Happiness, but it can buy Craft Supplies and that’s sort of the SAME THING! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Crafty Destash Sale and Personal Update!

  1. Sorry about your mom’s illness. I think if you talk to her about it in the future she was trying not to add to your stress by going to stay with your brother when you were about to move. People tie a lot of their identity up in their job. But your job is not the real you – it’s just something you do. Not working doesnt mean you are less of a person. Use the opportunity to get to know yourself without the distraction of work. Maybe with time to reflect you may form a new and improved vision of the future for you and your family. Make some cards – I often find the sentiments I would like to use are really what I need to tell myself.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Moving is hard in the best of circumstances. Praying for you and your family.
    Beautiful craft room! Ready for new goodies…

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  3. There are many transitions in life. You have had a lot of stress both regarding your mom and your move. Things will get better. My sister has to use a hot spot as she can’t get internet either. I have internet, but it is crap and only 3 mbps when cable can be 100. TV movies on Demand doesn’t work as it keeps having to constantly cycle the download. As human beings we just learn to adapt. I just moved last year myself after I retired. After I sold my house and re-bought in another state with a lower cost of living, found out I never noticed no linen closet or hall closet. I am just learning to be more creative with storage and leave some things packed. You’ll make it, just hang in there. Love the craft room. That’s a blessing.

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    1. Yes!!! You get it! The best they could offer was 5mbps so we didn’t think it was worth paying for since the hotspot can be easier and faster to use. This too shall pass! Thanks for the encouragement!


  4. Dear Caly
    A very gd evening. I am always praying for you and your family. From 2moro your mum will be in my list.
    Life brings many challenges. U hv to adopt and move on. I thought I cud buy a pkg. Unfortunately I cannot buy as I am from New Zealand. I am waiting until u open.
    If there is anything I can do to support you pls tell me. I will do it. I am a journalist and I can support if u need. Don’t worry.My prayers are with you all. Tc stay blessed always
    Surekha Galagoda

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  5. Dear Caly
    If ever youll plan to visit pls tell me and I will be honored to look after all of you in my humble home.
    I hv been through the mill and therefore i know what it is to hv issues. you are very young and sometimes everything seems to get out of hand but trust me. Don’t worry. Pray and everything will fall into place. You are a lovely and talented lady. God will always bless you and your family.
    My daughter and granddaughter are in Christchurch and at present i am in Sri Lanka to attend to my mum and sister as they are sick. So i hv some of my stuff with me but most are in New Zealand. I also work as a freelance journalist. This year i hv to work to educate my children. Next year daughter will start to work full time and my work load will lessen.
    The only happiness i have are praying, crafting and watching a few Korean dramas if time permits. I am also learning Korean and Chinese too.
    Though I have not seen you in person you occupy a special place in my heart and as always you and your family including your mum will always be in my daily prayers. Lots of love and hugs

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    1. Sounds like you lead an adventurous life and your kids are very fortunate to have to you!! Thanks for all the support and kind words!!!


  6. Caly, goodness, but you have a heaping plate of challenges/changes facing you. The two things that resonant for me: your perseverance and resilience in seeking ways to address and surmount things that are beyond your control. How frustrating that in these times of ‘technological advancements’, you’re deprived of proper internet service. Beyond frustrating…especially since it compromises your job. As for your mom: you are a fabulous daughter! She’s where she wants to be – which is important – and your sense of relief is 100% normal.
    I, for one, am thrilled that these changes mean we’ll see more of your outstanding creativity, here and via videos. Perhaps this is the ‘break’ you need to take stock of the next phase of your journey. You will weather these hiccups with your positive attitude and strong spirit. Your craft room is gorgeous! Excited to see it filled with all your goodies; a welcoming space for you to express your talents!
    Sending hugs galore and prayers that you continue to see the silver lining of the clouds and have faith that rainbows will appear!

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  7. Hi Caly, So sorry to hear about your mom’s continuing health issues. That and your move sound so stressful. Hope things begin to ease up and you have a fun summer!

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  8. There is no doubt that Life can be a Rollercoaster at times. Having a family member sick and dealing with those issues is enough in itself. Moving is always a NIGHTMARE, no matter what way you turn it. I guess I am not sure why there is an issue with internet service, is your location off the grid? You will soon be looking back at all of this, just take time for yourself. I hope that everything falls into place soon and I look forward to seeing your craft.


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